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Check the breeders page or contact us to find a herd near you. If a breeder is not close by, we may still be able to help you locate an owner of Pineywoods cattle to visit. 

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Different bloodlines, and breeding management lead to differences in temperament, production and maintenance. Let us know what you are looking for in your Pineywoods and we can help you locate the right breeder and breeding stock.   

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Tips When Buying Cattle

Pineywoods cattle are a Landrace. Unlike standardized breeds there is some variation in their size and shape. Look for a well balanced frame, level top-line, good feet, and strong muscling. Healthy animals have shinny coats and are alert and bright eyed. 

It is the breeders responsibility to register cattle Always ask to see the animals papers

Ask the breeder about their management practices. The genetics in each herd have different assets/down falls. It is ideal to buy stock raised similarly to your own goals.


Herds wormed often may be less resistant to parasites.


Those finished on lots of grain may not finish as well (or take longer to finish) on grass alone.


 Herds kept in hands-off operations may not adapt well to closer handing and interaction, while extremely tame herds may have reduced predator resistance.

Rare breed cattle

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