Communication and Elections

Pineywoods Cattle Foundation (PCF) newsletters and communications are mainly by email and website. It is the member’s responsibility to keep their contact information up to date with the treasurer to ensure they don’t miss any information. Any subjects that the foundation needs to address or get opinions on, as well as elections will go through email. Please be pro active in maintaining and checking your email address.

Board meetings

All members are welcome to attend any general board meeting. Meetings may be held in person or by phone conference. In the event that it is not practical to attend an in person meeting, a member can request to listen in via phone conference.

Breeders page

To be listed on the breeders page please contact us. Contact information as well as farm website, Social media links etc. are encouraged.

Bill of Rights and Code of Conduct

For the Members Bill of Rights and code of conduct, see article II section 6  and 7 of the by-laws.

for any questions regarding the bylaws please contact us here


We have at least one large event each year. PCF events are run by volunteers, both on the board and off. If any member is interested in volunteering for an event, or hosting a local event please reach out to us. PCF should also be about our local communities. If you have a local event where cattle and PCF might fit in reach out to us to see if any volunteers can help organize a display etc. See the calendar for up coming event information.


*Photos from events are used for promotional purposed on social media, the PCF website or other locations. If you do not wish your picture to be used please make that clear at the events, Thanks!

Rare breed cattle

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