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Pineywoods Cattle Foundation Breeders

We love our members, and our members love talking about Pineywoods cattle.

Many of our members are dedicated to preserving and selling fine quality, registered breeding stock to the public.  

Calico Rock, AR- Brenda Eldridge

Breeding stock for sale


Raising Pineywoods cattle and AKKPS registered KuneKune pigs.

    Millen, GA- Freddie Brinson


    Breeding stock for sale

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    "For 12 years, I have raised primarily Palmer-Dunn  and Conway
    Pineywoods cattle but have collected semen from several different
    strains.  I prefer Pineywoods cattle that are polled (no horns)"

    Freddie is a recipient of the PCF Lifetime Membership Award for his years of dedication to the breed and his work in preventing the extinction of the Palmer-Dunn strain. Freddie is a consistent source of information for old and new breeders alike.

      Leon, Ks- Callene and Eric Rapp

      Breeding stock for sale


      "We have been raising Pineywoods since 2008. Our main focus is pure Palmer-Dunn but we have Cater/Conway/Baylis cows, and have added other strains via AI. We have polled and horned cattle for sale."

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      Olla, LA- David Moore


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      One of the original PCF founders, David has provided breeding stock for others around the country. He is both a veteran and and a current law enforcement officer, whose breeding style is similar to the 'hands off' approach these cattle were brought up on. David maintains a primarily Conway strain herd.

        Eillisville, MS- Justin Pitts


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        One of the original PCF founders, Justin has worked closely with Dr.Sponenberg for decades.  He focuses on conservation breeding plans that save strains closest to extinction. He maintains a herd comprised of Yeller Griffin as well as multiple other rare strains.

        Author of the publication "An Overview and History of Pineywoods Cattle"