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Pineywoods Cattle Foundation Membership

Full membership-$35 per year

(Full members must be associated with the breed) 

Benefits: Cattle registration, voting, events/auctions, cattle advertisement, breeder listing, exclusive discounts from our membership partners (see below).


Supporting membership-$25 per year

(for those looking to donate support to the foundation or those interested in full membership in the future)

 attend meetings and events, subscription to all updates and the newsletter.

By members-for members PCF is  designed to support breeders and secure the future of Pineywoods cattle genetics.

We do not operate for profit, and are are a group of individual farms (and families) from all over the country. Members range from hobby farmers with only a few head to large beef producers with herds that are critically important to the breed’s survival.

Members benefit from a network of experience, constantly exchanging new (and old) ideas in cattle production, husbandry and  conservation.


To apply or renew membership:

Download the application and mail the application along with a check to the treasury office at:

Pineywoods Cattle Foundation

90 L J Farm Road,

Petal, Ms 39465

Make checks payable to:  Pineywoods Cattle Foundation


Our Membership Partners

The following companies support our efforts in conservation by offering our members  exclusive benefits.

victory seeds resized.jpg

Founded in 1998, the Victory Seed Company is a family owned, farm-based, mission driven biodiversity preservation organization working to keep rare, endangered, heirloom plant varieties available to gardeners and small farmers. Your purchases directly support our preservation work. PCF and Victory Seeds share the like-minded mission of helping to protect genetic biodiversity.

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DNA tests services for PCF provided by UCDavis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory 

ucd pref.png

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) is a non-profit, self-supporting unit of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis. The VGL provides highly accurate genetic testing results and animal forensic services while also contributing to the educational and research mission of the school.

Rare breed cattle

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