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For those not familiar with registries, or the Pineywoods Cattle Registry please start here

What if my cattle are already registered through an organization?

The goal of the Pineywoods Cattle Foundation (PCF) is to remain as inclusive as possible. We recognize registration of any cattle registered in PCF or PCRBA. If you have PCRBA cattle those cattle do not need to be re-registered, The offspring can be registered through PCF.


Note: PCRBA may only register PCF cattle under their rules and at
their discretion, if you wish to continue to dual register with them you
must contact them directly.

What if my cattle have never been registered before?

Following the recommendations of Dr.Sponenberg, PCF maintains an open registry (for more information on this see the registry page under the foundation tab).  There are some rare cases of long time breeders with herds that have never been registered.  For those breeders (or buyers of cattle coming from these known locations) a verification process can be used to confirm the legitimacy of those cattle. This is a very important step being taken to include as many genetically unique cattle as possible in the registry.

Note: Cattle considered for late entry into the registry are looked at carefully. A combination of the animals photos, along with the back story, region and evidence are considered. In person verification may be required. These are not your average sale barn cattle, or cattle sold as ‘woods cows’ from down the road.

How do I submit an animal for registration?

There is no fee for members to register.

The breeder (or seller) is responsible for ensuring registration paperwork is in order prior to a sale. 


ID Requirements:

All animals entered into the registry must have at least (1) approved form of visible individual ID (Bylaws article six) This can be tags, tattoos or individual brands. This ID serves as the primary means of connecting the data in the registry with your animal in the field. In events like death or theft- it can be necessary for a third party to be able to identify who is who, this is where these IDs come in.

Photo Requirements:

Two or three clear photos must accompany each application:

(1) Side photo showing the entire animal

(1) head photo

If the above photos do not show the animals individual ID, a third, closer image must be sent.

This will likely effect those using small button/metal tags or tattoos.These requirements have been put in place In order to strike a balance between providing breeders with accurate, fraud proof  registration, and practicality. Those that do not have a head gate for working may want to consider using larger more visible tags.


DNA is not required for registration, however it is encouraged. If you would like to have DNA included with your registration and the parents of the calf are known, submit your registration application FIRST. Once you have received the calf's registration number include it on your DNA application.

If it is a unknown/multiple bull situation you MUST submit your DNA tests first, Please include a note with your DNA information when you submit your registration application. 

How to submit DNA   About DNA testing

To submit an application for registration fill out the form below and email the form (subject line PCF registration), along with the animals photos to


Alternatively you can mail the form and photos to:


Pineywoods Cattle Foundation 

2620 Bishop Rd

Blacksburg, VA 24060


*For animals with parents registered with PCRBA after 2019, please send a copy of your PCRBA registration certificates along with your application.

*for animals without registered parents, further communication is required. Please contact us prior to filling out an application.



You will receive your certificate in the mail directly from Dr. Sponenberg.  

For registration questions please use the Contact Us form.


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