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About the herd book

The herd book is the database that holds all of the animals ever registered for the breed. It allows a breeder and the registrar to investigate an animal’s pedigree, and calculate important information regarding the breed. Information such as how many new calves are being registered, in what parts of the country, bulls vs. heifers, how many of the different strains are out there and at what %. 


PCF believes in maintaining a single herd book throughout the breed regardless of how many breed association there are. This is the best practice to ensure no genetics are cut off, and the gene pool is not narrowed simply because of the politics of associations. As such PCF maintains "dual registration policies" that allow animals from other legitimate Pineywoods registries to be used in PCF breeding programs. 


    Registries: critical to endangered breeds

Breed associations and breed registries play a vital role in the survival and future of the animal they advocate for. We keep accurate records of the breeds population and bloodline trends. We can predict and prevent problems with Inbreeding depression, loss of individual bloodlines (and the unique genetics they represent) and over all viability of the breed.


BUYER BEWARE: It is the responsibility of the breeder to keep proper records, and file for registration. Be cautions with anyone selling cattle using statements like “you can file for registration” or “contact so and so to get them registered”. It is not uncommon for breeders to hold off on registering calves until they are sold, however it is still the responsibility of the breeder at the point of sale. If you have any question regarding a pending sale, please reach out to us.

Rare breed cattle

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